Hamilton Farm Wedding | Colleen & Ryan

Hamilton Farm Golf Club


June 9, 2023

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Estate wedding portraits at Hamilton Farm Golf Club
Pink peony wedding at Hamilton Farm Golf Club

A Spring Wedding at Hamilton Farm

It’s my favorite wedding weekend every year. The first weekend of June. The weather always cooperates. It has for the past 25 years! Now, we did have a little drizzle early in the day on June 3rd, but because we were on the way to the church during this little unprecedented mishap, I will maintain that it does not rain on the first Saturday of June. The rest of the day was perfect.

Colleen and Ryan have been together since high school! Ten years together dating, going down the shore, going to college, moving to the city, getting their first jobs. They did it all together. The only thing left for them to do was host the biggest, most impressive party of their lives – their wedding day.

When I arrived at Hamilton Farm, Blaire Katz, the wedding planner extraordinaire, had every detail laid out for me (complete with Colleen’s little post-it notes describing each item) and Laura Clare supplied me with the most glorious peonies for my details! These flowers were the size of my face! One of my favorite details that Colleen included was a hand held mirror that was clearly passed down from previous generations. There was no note, but I too have one of these mirrors in my family. I knew exactly what it was. While I typically utilize the CVS plastic mirror, there was a classier generation before us that had vanities and matching brush/mirror sets. It was a thoughtful addition from her past to Colleen’s already beautiful details.

Colleen and Ryan got married in the church that Colleen grew up attending. The deacon is also a dear family friend. The entire ceremony felt so tailored to Colleen and Ryan as people and as a couple. If they weren’t sneaking a glancing smile at each other, they were laughing through the entire ceremony. As they left the church, husband and wife, their family and friends waved their ribbon wands joyfully before they newlyweds jumped on the trolley and left for Hamilton Farm.

With weeks, months and often times years of planning a wedding day, I want my couples’ wedding day to last. It is only one day after all. But if we can draw it out as long as possible, then that’s going to ensure they enjoy as much of it as possible. If my couple can’t create downtime in the beginning of their day with a first look, like outdoor ceremonies offer, then having a break between the church and the cocktail hour is key. In the name of portrait time, it’s a downtime offered to immediate family and closest friends (namely the wedding party). This is my favorite part of the wedding day.

Once we arrived at Hamilton Farm, we assembled the immediate family together for family portraits, followed by the wedding party. I love a fun wedding party and Colleen and Ryan’s friends definitely fall into this category. They humored me with all the crazy ideas I had, and even had me laughing. If you want to look joyful in your photographs, you actually have to be joyful and this wedding party understood the assignment. Ryan really wanted to get on the golf course and take a few swings before cocktail hour. Hamilton Farm provided with a set of clubs, and Ryan’s groomsmen dutifully followed as caddies.

Once we were down to bride and groom portraits, we took advantage of every location that Hamilton Farm offered, because the overcast allowed us every inch of beautiful, even light to do so. Colleen and Ryan’s sisters pulled up chairs with their cocktails in hand and watched. I remarked on Ryan’s lack of a boutonnière, a trend I personally love, and he thanked my recent outspoken instagram post for giving him permission to omit said boutonnière! Jury is still out on how Colleen really feels about this decision! But, in his defense, it was the right choice for these two. There was movement, hugs from friends, cozy moments during their portraits, and a boutonnière would have become a sad limp flower by the end of it. Plus, nothing could compete with his dapper white jacket and the extraordinary and large peonies that carried their theme throughout the day.

I have never seen so many peonies as the ones lining the head table at reception. It was glorious! I love garland down the center of long tables. They are a statement piece without a competing view for the bride and groom as the center of attention during toasts and dinner. Speaking of toasts, the most endearing toasts were made by Colleen and Ryan’s siblings. With 10 years together, they had lots of material to work with, they all grew up together. And now they were officially all one big family.

Congratulations, Colleen and Ryan! We loved celebrating your beautiful relationship and wedding day, and know that your future together is going to be just as wonderful!

Venue | Hamilton Farm Golf Club, Gladstone, NJ

Wedding Planner | Blaire Katz, Gilded Lily Events

Photographer | Lauren Kearns Photography

Florist | Laura Clare Designs

Makeup | Beauty on Location NJ

Hair | JC Hair Design

Dress | Maria Farbinni, L’Fay Bridal

Groom/Groomsmen Attire | Enzo Custom

Bridesmaids Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids

Invitations | Empress Stationery

Videographer | NST Pictures

Transportation | Shooboo Shuttle

Entertainment | Around Town Entertainement

A Spring Wedding at Hamilton Farm It’s my favorite wedding weekend every year. The first weekend of June. The weather always cooperates. It has for the past 25 years! Now, we did have a little drizzle early in the day on June 3rd, but because we were on the way to the church during this […]

Hamilton Farm Golf Club

Hamilton Farm Wedding | Colleen & Ryan

Estate wedding portraits at Hamilton Farm Golf Club

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