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February 1, 2019

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2018 Weddings Revisited

I get as emotional thinking about 2018, as I was at each of 2018’s weddings! I think last year was my first year offering complimentary engagement sessions, and the relationships I built with my couples because of it made each event so much more meaningful!

There was something so unique about each season and I cannot wait to revisit the union, celebration and joy that each wedding brought!

Michelle and Spencer kicked off wedding season with their first weekend of February wedding, and I loved being challenged by the moody lighting at The Palace at Somerset Park. I think my love for classic and iconic portraiture was born out of this super romantic wedding!

I mean, this IS the Iconic Bride:

My first Hoboken wedding! I’ve photographed plenty of engagement sessions in Hoboken, but I loved this small and intimate wedding held at Grand Vin!

To end the winter season, Ashley and Kevin decorated their wedding to start off with a winter theme…first at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark…
…then with the white orchids of the Park Chateau foyer… …and finished the theme with the tones of Spring for their reception.

You know I’m going to post just about every emotional moment of 2018, so we’ll start here with Jenn, reading Brian’s meticulously typed letter to his bride.

And I am still dreaming about this ballroom at Natirar that Jardiniere filled with white blooms!

Early May finally brought us some flowering trees! Samantha and Scott’s wedding was a perfect mix of uncontrollable giggles, candid moments, and an epic cake cutting!

This may be my favorite Groom shot…ever.

How adorable is Samantha? And the epic cake cutting. The floor got the first piece.

So maybe Meghan Markle did get perfect weather in London on her wedding day, while here in New Hope, we had rain. I still swear that Holly Hedge is at it’s MOST romantic in the rain and fog! 

Plus, Amanda was super prepared!

I mean, come on!

And what would this photo be without mist?!

Nicki and Jason were so. much. fun. I’m still not sure if I was their photographer or a guest.
This moment when Dad did not expect to cry, but he totally did. Barb took this. I love it. I don’t know why, but to me, this is the sweetest gesture! So real!

Califon is a really small place. Only one square mile, and I once knew every family that lived there. Don’t be too impressed, the families sent a combined 150 kids to Califon Public School, K-8. So, it was so nice to be part of another Califon wedding! I am IN LOVE with this location at Rutherford Hall in Hackettstown. More specifically in mid-June when the roses are in bloom!

We’ll get to our fabulous Bride and Groom in a moment, but I LOVE this kid! The cutest wild child of a ring bearer! I know this picture doesn’t show his wild side, but let me tell you! And our happy couple, Hilary and Jake! I loved that we had time to stop at the Clinton Mill before heading to the Farmhouse at The Grand Colonial. It’s always extra special when you get a location that’s so sentimental, but it rarely work out on the wedding day! I mean, I just can’t teach perfect technique. These are skills! My favorite way to end a wedding day? Sparklers!

You never forget a beautiful person like Julie! She exudes joy everywhere she goes, and never stops laughing or pinching your cheeks. I decided after this wedding, that if I could go back in time, I would insist on signing a Ketubah at my wedding. I’m not Jewish, but this ceremony is just such a beautiful and intimate ceremony. I just love it!

Joy. Right? My favorite type of sun. My “African sunset.” At least that’s what I called it.

Kelsey’s details were so beautiful!

Would you even guess that Kelsey and Joe had the hottest day of the summer for their wedding date? No. Unless you saw my condition…
I did mention, I love emotions, right?I am including this photo, because it’s one of the last photos I have of Joe’s sister before she went into labor and had her first baby! Kelsey and Joe became husband and wife AND Uncle and Aunt in the same day! There are some photos you just know will be your client’s grandchildren’s favorite photos. This is one of them.

These thoughtful notes amaze me because my husband would NEVER even think of this stuff! I am super impressed, Dave! Married before the storm rolled in! I mean, that sky? This is the best of both worlds! As soon as I saw that rose petal-lined aisle, I knew we had to toss them in the air!

Marybeth and Chris’ not a first look was so special and emotional and I highly encourage my non-first lookers to consider a letter exchange like this!

This art deco themed wedding at Brecknock Hall was complete with art deco hair for all the bridesmaids! Grooms, you know I make you nuzzle a lot. Chris had just asked “Why do I always have to hide my face?” When channeling The Great Gatsby, you photograph your wedding like a party with the Great Gatsby! And on Long Island, no less!

Sometimes, the day is not just about the Bride and Groom. Stacy and Fil and Roo. He was even part of their first look!

Yep, another one of my favorite iconic shots of the year! I mean, I love ALL of the emotions! Embarrassment is one of the emotions.

How would you envision the morning of your wedding day? Would it include a 7am fox hunt? If you’re the Huntsman, yes. And Bart knows ALL of these dogs by name! Seven hours later… It rained. A lot. Bart said “don’t worry about it” and they got married in the rain. It was beautiful. I will be asking Kate to host classes that show brides how to do this leg pop!

Before I introduce our handsome Groom, a moment of Alison in front of these gorgeous doors at Jasna Polana!

I don’t even know what was so funny, but I love Alison’s expression! The best way to end the night! Right?Kristen and John’s rehearsal dinner/Apple picking at Alstede’s was so much fun! I got to know so much more about them and their families by spending almost two whole days with them! All the emotions. A Groom tearing up at the first look? Yes.

Grandma is 101! Okay, this was the longest sparkler exit line up I had ever seen. Kristen and John ran through and off into their getaway car! It was so romantic!

I love these girls in their robes!

I’m pretty sure I was singing a lot of “Paw Patrol” The lighting and views from the top of Natirar were breathtaking! Ali made all of these signs her self! One of my 2020 brides wanted to buy them from her, but she already sold them. I’m thinking Ali needs to start a class! She’s so talented!

Kenia and John wanted the whole Hoboken experience for their wedding, so we took the shuttle everywhere! Their ceremony at the Kolo Klub was so warm with all of the sparkling lights!

Totally in love with Laura and Hunter’s custom logo!

What did groomsmen do before YouTube? (Jessica OH) Loved wrapping these two up in a blanket and catching the reflection of the sunset! The drink of the evening (and day) was bourbon, so we had to get a classic end of the night shot with it!Christmas and a wedding? It’s like combining two of the best holidays, ever! Sara and Nick did not actually have an engagement session, but they were absolute rockstars during their portrait session! They were also running around in 30 degree weather after the sun went down! The sun was completely gone at this point! So, we added some pop with a strobe in the corner. I love trying new things! When you have a wedding party this large, you need a venue as large as Natirar to fit them inside! A sparkler send-off to end 2018!

Congratulations to all of my 2018 #lkpcouples

2019 kicks off your happily ever after!



2018 Weddings Revisited I get as emotional thinking about 2018, as I was at each of 2018’s weddings! I think last year was my first year offering complimentary engagement sessions, and the relationships I built with my couples because of it made each event so much more meaningful! There was something so unique about each […]


Best of 2018 Weddings {A Year in Review}

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