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January 3, 2021

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2020 Weddings

Everyone has a story, but man do these couples have a story to tell! The adventure called “Getting married in 2020.”

Each wedding is it’s own story, and not a single one is quite like the other. These couples pioneered their way through the unknown and married the loves of their lives. One thing they all share is an acceptance of their circumstances. And I am beyond honored to have captured a small part of their life together, albeit a big part of their story.

So what did I think my year would look like? Well, absolutely nothing like it turned out. I went into 2020 with 25 weddings lined up and ended up with an end of the year spreadsheet that was as complicated as Charlotte’s web.


The number of original weddings that didn’t quite go “as planned” but got these loving couples got married anyway!



The number of “minimonies” that we celebrated and will celebrate in a big way in 2021!



The number of couples who moved their wedding to 2021!



The number of last minute weddings, each of them planned in under 50 days!


Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Jianna and Anthony had scheduled their amazing wedding for April 18, 2020. I believe the CDC was predicting that particular week to be the worst for the pandemic. These two had to quickly switch gears, and had all sorts of back up dates they were trying to work out. In the end, I got a text message from Jianna asking if I was available that Sunday to photograph their wedding.

It was not only stunning, it gave so much hope to so many other brides that they too could get married in the middle of a pandemic.

natirar microwedding

A month and a half later, Danica and John decided to have Part I of their Natirar wedding on their original wedding day on August 1! While their microwedding didn’t have quite the number of guests as planned, they had one very important addition! Their new puppy, Charlie was the star of the day! Does it get anymore 2020 than a new puppy at your wedding?! I think knot (see what I did there!)

And just when we thought this adorable puppy was newsworthy, the New York Times decided to publish this beautiful wedding about Danica and John! New york times microwedding at natirarnatirar wedding

Taara and Shao had a large number of guests coming from out of the country for their multi-day wedding! Unfortunately, their wedding was fourth of July weekend and that was not going to make travel possible for anyone! They quickly switched gears and had a backyard wedding in Taara’s hometown of Basking Ridge with family. Jardiniere transformed their backyard tent and added a ton of color to light up this beautiful ceremony and dinner afterward!

Jamie and Kevin decided to cancel their wedding plans for 2020, but keep their rehearsal dinner at Ninety Acres. Of course, there’s a twist here! They decided to legally marry instead of “rehearsing!” Don’t forget, Jamie and Kevin, we still need to do your engagement session! Let’s consider it an anniversary session of your minimony before the grand finale this August!

Rachel and Franco also decided to take advantage of their original wedding day, minus the original plans! I am so glad they did, too! The weather was stunningly beautiful. These two tied the knot at Rachel’s parent’s house in Florham Park with their families watching from afar via iPad. After their ceremony, their friends and family surprised them with a video wishing the newlyweds all the best and a hopeful 2021, when they celebrate in a big way, together!

Danielle and Mark were one of my “planned this wedding in less than 2 months” couples! They got engaged in August 2020 and tied the knot in September 2020! I think every single vendor, including the venue had original plans for their wedding day, but fate would clear a way for them to swoop in and have their dream wedding. And it was a dream!

Tara and Andrew, took advantage of their original wedding day by getting married in their church! It was a short wedding day, but just as special. With their immediate families and closest friends to witness their exchanged vows, they are now married! I cannot wait to see all of it come together this spring!

Jenny and Rob got married sooner than they had planned! They also got married closer to home! A destination wedding was not in the cards for 2020, but they were determined to get married this year and I am so glad they did! My original Natirar wedding didn’t quite go as planned, but Jenny contacted me about picking up the Natirar wedding that was no longer happening! It seems good things come to those who wait…whether intentional or not! Plus, these precious puppies were not going to get to see their Mom and Dad marry, so I’d say it was worth the disruption!

Zenia and Washington had planned for a micro wedding from the beginning, but not quite like this! Their late May 2020 plans got disrupted, and sadly, Zenia’s family couldn’t make it to her wedding, but her sister was right there by her side! This intimate Thursday wedding was stunning, filled with love and brought a tear to everyone’s eye!

Jess and Kevin took full advantage of their original wedding day by getting married in their beautiful church. After their ceremony, everyone headed to Jess’ childhood home to celebrate. While we still get to celebrate in the year ahead at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club, having this sweet celebration at home will be a most cherished memory!

Katie and Jon decided to go full speed ahead with their wedding in October! Maybe we didn’t get to celebrate at the New York Botanical Gardens, but when your parent’s lake house has this backdrop, I don’t think it’s a compromise. Katie and Jon took every precaution in making sure their guests were safe and able to come together. Grandparents were there to celebrate, and even the dance floor was masked and ready for the only party of 2020!

Michele and Ryan were an early spring 2020 couple who sadly had to change their plans. And we changed plans a lot. This roller coaster of trying to predict what is going to happen gave way to a last minute elopement in Central Park! Michele and Ryan’s parent’s held the four posts of the chuppah and witnessed these two officially marry! On the outskirts of the ceremony were friends who were given a time and date for the intimate ceremony. No RSVP required, they just came and supported their friends! It was beautiful!

Kaity and John, the last of my last-minute wedded couples! Could you imagine getting engaged over the summer and deciding to have your wedding that Fall? Well, that’s exactly what happened. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and Fiddler’s Elbow had availability for their upcoming wedding date! This was my last, and unexpected wedding of the year. They even had an indoor reception. This wedding gave me hope, a hope I still hold onto for joy and contentment for all loving couples out there. We’re still battling our way through the unknown, but we’re resilient and adaptable. Weddings can still bring joy in the midst of any circumstances!

Thank you all so much for inviting me into your lives and letting me capture the sweetest moments of 2020. I am so grateful and look forward to all the blessings 2021 brings you!

2020 Weddings Everyone has a story, but man do these couples have a story to tell! The adventure called “Getting married in 2020.” Each wedding is it’s own story, and not a single one is quite like the other. These couples pioneered their way through the unknown and married the loves of their lives. One […]


Best of Weddings 2020

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