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June 27, 2019

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An American in Corfu

The last time I traveled alone, sans husband or beasties, was 2006. That wasn’t supposed to be a solitary vacation, but it turned into one when my husband convinced me to further my education by taking a summer course at Sotheby’s Institute in London, promising to meet me there in a week or two. He never came. I’m pretty sure he never planned to either, but he knew it was the only way to get me there. After telling this story to my brother-in-law, Krystian, he responded:

“How have you two never needed therapy?”

We’ve managed well enough. And in the end, I loved my time exploring London that summer.

So, when the opportunity to travel alone showed up 13 years later, this was a no brainer. I was going.

This trip wasn’t going to be as solitary though. I was going with a purpose!

18 years ago I met this young, tall, skinny, frizzy hair girl who became my sister-in-law, friend and even, short-time roommate in my 350 square foot studio apartment on the upper west side. We could spend hours in each other’s company and say nothing and be perfectly content until one of us decided we needed chocolate, usually at the same exact time.

Once her now husband, Krystian came into her life, we saw less of her, since he was British, and Catherine has always dreamed of living in the UK. Still, every time I see her, we start out just as we left off the last time I saw her, whether it’s been 3 months or 3 years.

I’ve mentioned Krystian here many times, and now I must introduce him as the brains behind this operation (or vacation).

When James cancelled our surprise trip to Scotland with Catherine and Krystian, Krys decided that we should have a plan B. That plan B was his family trip to Corfu, Greece. This trip was planned for his mother’s 60th birthday, and every member of his family was going. Figuring my addition to the trip would in no way affect the romance of a third wheel, I decided to tag along.

Somehow we kept the entire plan a surprise for Catherine, and when I arrived in London on her 30th birthday, by just appearing in a local shop, she was stunned a thoroughly confused.

“What are you doing here?!” Was her first response, followed by:

“Are you coming to Corfu?!”

Twenty four hours later, we all boarded a little plane to this magical island in Greece.

The Naporas go to Corfu

Like most Americans, I had no idea what Corfu was. Apparently, this is a British haven for holiday. So, because Siri is kind of creepy and listens to everything I say and do, ads for this show called “The Durrells go to Corfu” appeared everywhere on my computer. This show on Amazon Prime is brilliant. It’s a true story about a British family in the 1930s who up and leave England and move to Corfu. They have only their wits to take with them, and that is what makes the show so wonderful. Once I arrived to Corfu, and met these mysterious Naporas, and found that they too loved the show (and had read the books!) we could all enjoy the experience from the storyline’s perspective.

The cinematography, the light, the life of these Durrells had me eager to see this wonderful island for myself. And anyone who needs a good show for their line up, this is it! You need to see watch it!

Now this is where I could probably write a book about the trip. The views, the experience, the inside jokes. Instead, I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves…with a few details here and there. Enjoy!

Both Elżunia and Catherine celebrated milestone birthdays just a few days apart!

I now have 60 year old goals:

The group altogether before dinner! Such a fun-loving group! I am now an unofficial family member, too.

They had no choice, they were all getting a mini-session with me, because I actually do love what I do 🙂

Downtown adventures. We Americans are obsessed with cultures that still hang-dry clothing, no?

What would a vacation of characters be without the crazy cat-lady?!

Krystian’s brother, Adam and his girlfriend, Dominique were adorable. They call each other “Baboo” and their “baboo call” became a popular way of communicating, by many people, around Marbella Resort.

I don’t vacation often…although this year, I did a whole lot more than usual! Regardless, I wasn’t going to miss any sunrise!

Donkeys in Corfu are like deer in New Jersey. They just roamed the parking lot in search of food. We handed the keys to a rental car (as well as our lives) into Catherine’s hands as she drove us around the island. We came to this quaint part of the island, called Paleokastritsa to see the monastery and it’s views! They are spectacular!

Like I said. No one got away without a portrait session. Unfortunately, by this time, Krystian fell ill and was bedridden the rest of the trip! So, we lined up the “baboos” for a photo shoot.

This one’s for the girls.

The birthday girl! She always looks like a model. This could have something to do with the fact that I’ve been photographing her for about 15 years!

Yes, I did manage to stay this pale the entire trip. I took all the shaded umbrellas, all day every day!

This was our “hang out” for PTB (Pre-Tea Beers, I think…it’s a British thing), basically our Happy hour pre-dinner meet up!

This was our last sunrise! Until next time…


An American in Corfu The last time I traveled alone, sans husband or beasties, was 2006. That wasn’t supposed to be a solitary vacation, but it turned into one when my husband convinced me to further my education by taking a summer course at Sotheby’s Institute in London, promising to meet me there in a […]


American Photographer Visits Corfu

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